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2024 Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Inline Pro Wake Shaper 145

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WSE Inline Pro Wake Shaper 145




The LF Wakesurf Edge Inline Pro Wake Shaper 145 will make big wakes BIGGER! The Inline Pro 145 requires a flat surface measuring 3" tall by 13" long - hulls with an outward curve of more than 1/4" over 5", this is YOUR shaper! WSE suction cups will accommodate hull curvature.


Adjustable design allows you to shift the WSE location on the fly to fine tune the perfect wave.




  • Large Water Displacement Wing for Max Wave Height! (Face: 9" x 16" = 144sq")
  • Inline Suction Cup Attachment to fit Stepped Hulls with Narrow Strakes or Heavy Curves. 5 2-inch Inline Rubber Suction Cups Secure to Hull
  • Patented Concave Water Channeling Wing
  • Super Strong Suction Cup Attachment! Easy to Adjust on the Fly.
  • Made with Rust-free Materials and FLOATS!
  • Level Load Boat to Keep Nose Down for the Captain's Visibility and a Long Wake
  • Do NOT tether shaper to Boat