2022 Ronix RXT Capella 3.0 CGA Life Vest

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Fully featured = less is more
All the flotation you need, in the lightest, most personalized fitting way. This new performance driven vest, featuring Air Foam, tips the scale at roughly half the weight of others out there – but still has enough buoyancy that will have the Coast Guard giving you a high five. Ronix Xperimental Technology is the never-ending pursuit of high-end minimalism – a vest that meets that standard.


CGA Approved
Longer Torso
Oversized Arm Holes
H20 Yarn
Manhattan Tailored Fit
Cylindrical Construction
Foam Tie Straps
H20 Glue
2 to 1 Foam
2 Way Stretch
Air Foam
Nature’s Neoprene
Diamond Flexfoam
Water Resistant
Cushion CGA Foam