2022 Radar 67 - Alloy Senate w/ Boa Vector - STD & Boa ARTP

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PMI foam is undoubtedly the lightest, most
responsive foam on the market. We wrap
that foam in Textreme spread tow carbon to
make this Senate the fastest, most aggressive
Senate we’ve ever created. Now those skiing
28-34 MPH in the course truly have a racecar
of a Senate to write home about.

+ PMI Core - Lightweight, high density, most response.
+ Textreme Carbon - Lighter, stronger composites.
+ Carbon Rods – Zonal flex for the optimum layup.
+ Bio Resin – Plant based and better.
+ Radar Lab Made – Thanks Herb. 


The all-new Vapor boot rewrites what is
possible in waterski footwear by creating the
pinnacle in hybrid boot technology. For the
first time a rigid lower skeleton is connected
to a Carbitex upper cuff to create the perfect
blend of connection and control. The rigid
lower skeleton gives a skier complete control
over the edges of their ski while the Carbitex
upper cuff allows a skier to move over their ski
with ease to find balance and connection to
the water. A Boa dial completes the package
to give a precise fit every single time. Anyone
that’s ever owned a Vapor boot in the past
now has a reason to upgrade to our latest
technology, strap it on and see for yourself the
difference, skiing is believing.

+ Boa Lacing System
+ Carbitex CX6 Upper
+ Fully Molded Lower Skeleton
+ Dual Density Intuition Liner
+ Molded 3D Tongue
+ Vapor Chassis