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HO Sports Kiwi Tube

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1 Rider

54” Diameter
The Kiwi is a single rider, donut shaped tube that was designed with FUN in mind. Sit in the Kiwi with your feet forward or lay
on your belly to put yourself in the heart of the action. The Kiwi has 2 sets of handles in just the right spot for either riding
style. You will enjoy ultimate comfort with soft foam handles with built in knuckle guards. The 2-Way Boston valve makes
inflation and deflation a snap and you’re sure to turn heads with this cool fruit inspired design. Get yourself a Kiwi and grab a
slice of the sweet fruity fun!

• 2 Riding Options – Pick Your Direction
• Boston Valve for Quick and Easy Inflation/Deflation
• Durable PVC Bladder
• Nylon Covered Soft Foam Handles
• Guaranteed Lasting Quality with our 1 Year Limited Warranty

Quick Features:
• 2 Tow Connection Options
• Boston Valves
• Durable PVC Bladder
• Nylon Covered Soft Foam Handles
• 1 Year Limited Warranty