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HO Sports 12Volt Compact Electric Pump

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The iPUMP by HO Sports is an electric inflator/deflator that eliminates the hard work of inflating or deflating your favorite iSUP,iLAND, RAD, FAD or PAD…or any other inflatable with an H3 valve. Simply insert the hose into the H3 valve on your inflatable, turn the dial to your desired PSI and press the “ON” button. The iPUMP has a 2 stage motor that will shut off automatically once it has reached your requested PSI. The iPUMP will inflate any HO Sports iSUP in about 10 minutes with zero physical effort. With the iPUMP you can save your energy for paddling or playing rather than wearing yourself out by manually pumping up your inflatable with its hand pump. The iPUMP can be powered by the cigarette lighter in your car or boat OR you can use the alligator clip adaptor (included) to connect the power directly to the battery in your car or boat. Get yourself an iPUMP and save your energy for the water.


  • Up to 20 PSI
  • 54” Flexible Hose
  • 10’ Cord
  • Battery Connector Adaptor included
  • High Powered 12v DC Inflator

After 20 minutes of use, the iPUMP motor needs to cool off for 10 minutes to prevent overheating.