2023 Ronix Laguna Girl's CGA Life Vest

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The new standard in kid’s life jackets
Luxury is now available in a kid’s vest. All of our vests are soft, comfortable and most importantly float. For 2022 we wanted to create a new series that added every premium innovation we could come up with. These jackets are made from a softer inner and outer neoprene material, have added fleece to further that lavish feeling, and we also covered the webbing straps with a forgiving neoprene cover. Everything about this new series of kid’s CGA jackets is designed for added coziness and durability, to allow for more time in the water or on the boat.


CGA Approved
Fleece Liner
2 Way Stretch
Oversized Arm Holes
Cushion CGA Foam
Supportive Foam
Neo Webbing Cover
H20 Yarn
H20 Glue
Nature’s Neoprene